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Die neuen Spielpläne sind online!

August 9, 2007

Rahmenspielplan 07/08

Spielplan der 1.Bundesliga

Spielplan der 2.Bundesliga

Alles im pdf-Format – for your convenience.

The match schedules for the new season are online

„Historische“ Information gesucht!

August 9, 2007

Es gibt einen sehr ausführlichen
Wikipediaeintrag zum Thema Internationales Frauenrugby.
Da sind schon viele Spiele gelistet, auch der deutschen Mannschaft.
Nun stockt es aber grade:

„I wonder what was happening in Italy (Treviso/San Dona) in March 2002? On the same day that Italy beat Germany, Netherlands were losing to Sweden (Treviso). There then seems to be a „final“ three days later. If this an unlisted FIRA tournament? Or just a world cup warm-up? Did Netherlands and Germany really pack up and go home after one game?
1.5.2003 – FIRA say 29-5, so I’ll stick with that. Not that I am saying that FIRA are infallable, but its their competition!
Finally should Catalonia v Italy in March 2000 be an international? Germany seem to treat their game against Catalonia in 1995 as an international – so I have. At that time, from some reading Catalonia were effectively playing in „internationals“ because Spain weren’t – there are no Spanish women’s internationals between June 1992 and April 1996.
But by 2000 Spanish are active and taking part in the Five Nations, and indeed played Wales the following day – so I think we are justified in treating the game as a „non-international“.“

Vielleicht kann das ja jemand aufklären, der dabei war.

John Birch is looking for more Info for his Wikipedia entry on international womens rugby.