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Juni 3, 2008

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State of the Unions….

Juni 3, 2008

Angesichts der merkwuerdigen Entscheidung, Schottland aus der Qualifikation fuer Dubai zurueckzuziehn, wurde im FIRA-Forum folgende Ueberlegung gepostet:

„the respective unions – RFUW and SWRFU (is that right?) seem to be their own worst enemies, though in the RFUW’s defence the RFU web system they have to use seems to be an antedelluvian piece of cr*p, and working out of a portacabin in the Twickenham car park with a press officer who only works for 2 or 3 days a week cannot make it easy.
That aside RFUW have not covered themselves with administrative glory domestically this season – and I am a bit worried about the silence concerning the Nations Cup that England are supposedly hosting in August. And in both cases my guess is that we have the classic example of small organisations dominated by powerful individuals. I remember the WCA (Women’s Cricket Association) being very similar.
The only answer must be the full integration of the women’s game within the main unions (as happened with cricket, much to that game’s benefit). That way the RFU and SRFU would have to take the women’s rugby reasonably seriously (or get served with a few notices concerning discrimination), whereas at the minute they can say its „not their problem“.
As for the Scottish pull-out, clearly this has come very late as FIRA obviosuly knew nothing about it until today. The implication must be that Scotland did originally enter (being as Ireland have never been listed as a participant)! And why can Scotland not get to Dubai when Brazil and sundry African nations can? Are they that poor? Surely they could find a dozen Scottish women willing to make the journey?“ –John Birch

Interessanter Ansatz.