ENC: „Fixtures of the 2010 European Trophy are known“


Fixtures of the European Trophy 2010 edition, women 15 competition, have been made official on Tuesday November 17, 2009. The tournament will gather eight teams together and will take place in France in the Alsace Lorraine region, from 7 until 16 of May 2010.

„The European Trophy is an important tournament for the development of women 15’s rugby within Europe. The European Championship takes place each four years (Note: next edition in 2012) but the FIRA-AER must propose games to emerging unions trough a serious competition and with the help of the big nations.“ Here are the words of Jean-Claude Baqué, Chairman of the FIRA-AER, and which sum up the philosophy of the European Trophy.

After Sweden in 2009, it is France, and more precisely the Regional Committee of Alsace Lorraine who will host the event from 7 until 16 of May, 2010.

Pool’s composition

Pool A
France A

Pool B


Saturday May 8, 2010

Pool A
France A – Belgium
Netherlands – Spain

Pool B
Italy – Germany
Sweden – Russia

Monday May 10, 2010

Pool A
France A – Spain
Netherlands – Belgium

Pool B
Italy – Russia
Sweden – Germany

Wednesday May 12, 2010

Pool A
France A – Netherlands
Spain – Belgium

Pool B
Italy – Sweden
Russia – Germany

Saturday May 15, 2010

1st Pool A – 1st Pool B

Match for the 3rd place
2nd Pool A – 2nd Pool B

Match for the 5th place
3rd Pool A – 3rd Pool B

Match for the 7th place
4th Pool A – 4th Pool B

Each half of matches will last 35 minutes playing times.

via http://www.fira-aer-rugby.com

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