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Belgien vs „Deutschland“

März 3, 2013

Wie bekannt, hat der DRV die deutsche XV der Frauen ausgesetzt, dh, es gibt keinerlei finanzielle Foerderung und letztlich auch keine administrative Unterstuetzung. Da alle Nationalmannschaften Teil des Vermarktungsvertrages mit der Fa. Sportsworks sind, ist es nicht moeglich, eigeninitiativ Gelder einzuwerben und die XV international spielen zu lassen.

Nichtsdestotrotz spielt am kommenden Wochenende Belgien gegen „Deutschland“ – genau gesagt, gegen eine RBW-Auswahl.

Hier die Vorberichterstattung durch John Birch auf scrumqueens:

„Their opponents next weekend – a German XV – offer further consolation for anyone concerned that the future of fifteens may be in doubt, because the game has been organised and will take place despite the fact that the German RFU removed all support and funding for the official German women’s XV in 2010.Germany has as proud and almost as long a history as Belgium with over 60 test matches played since 1989, including two World Cup appearances, and wins over teams such as Sweden and the Netherlands. So news about the loss of their national team was greeted with some disappointment.

However, the players did not simply sit back and accept the decision, and last season won the support of the Rugby Association of Baden-Württemberg to help organise an unofficial team. Baden-Württemberg – the strongest association in the country – took on the role as they see it as a way to promote the game, as well as give players the opportunity to represent their country internationally. Ultimately the aim of all concerned is to change the decision of the German RFU.“


The Mamas – Moms play rugby too!

Oktober 20, 2012

Im Zuge der Dubai-Tour des ersten weltweiten Mütter-Teams erschienen heute 2 Artikel:–equipo-de-madres-en-suecia

Mehr Infos zum Team:

und auf facebook:

Und hier die Aufstellung für Dubai:


Moa Wejle

Johanna Jahnke

Brenda Weinel (Ehren-Mama)


Amanda Singh


Maria Alvarez

Marcela Hugosson

Cecilia Burebrink


Helen Buteme


Amanda Rivers

Deutschland (Südauswahl) vs Belgien

März 20, 2012

Bilder und Spielbericht

Sehr interessanter Artikel:

März 14, 2012

„The key to this working is the low-level 10s tournaments which these new players get to experience as their introduction to the games, not being flung into inter-university level 15s games from the start.“

Warum kommt mir das bekannt vor?

November 27, 2011

„And to top things off during the RWC when Jacques Rogge attended the NZOC`s 100th anniversary with 7s exhibition games, the NZRFU told the media they were looking at crossover athletes because they didn`t believe there was enough talent within rugby`s own ranks. I just about had an apopletic fit!! Talk about dismissing all the hard work that coaches and administrators of womens rugby like myself have put in the last 15-20 years and dismissing any idea that they had to actually build girls rugby and create dreams of Olympic gold for high school girls in NZ. Sorry, you`re not good enough. We`re going to take a bunch of netballers or triathletes cos we think they`ve got more potential.“