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Belgien vs “Deutschland”

März 3, 2013

Wie bekannt, hat der DRV die deutsche XV der Frauen ausgesetzt, dh, es gibt keinerlei finanzielle Foerderung und letztlich auch keine administrative Unterstuetzung. Da alle Nationalmannschaften Teil des Vermarktungsvertrages mit der Fa. Sportsworks sind, ist es nicht moeglich, eigeninitiativ Gelder einzuwerben und die XV international spielen zu lassen.

Nichtsdestotrotz spielt am kommenden Wochenende Belgien gegen “Deutschland” – genau gesagt, gegen eine RBW-Auswahl.

Hier die Vorberichterstattung durch John Birch auf scrumqueens:

“Their opponents next weekend – a German XV – offer further consolation for anyone concerned that the future of fifteens may be in doubt, because the game has been organised and will take place despite the fact that the German RFU removed all support and funding for the official German women’s XV in 2010.Germany has as proud and almost as long a history as Belgium with over 60 test matches played since 1989, including two World Cup appearances, and wins over teams such as Sweden and the Netherlands. So news about the loss of their national team was greeted with some disappointment.

However, the players did not simply sit back and accept the decision, and last season won the support of the Rugby Association of Baden-Württemberg to help organise an unofficial team. Baden-Württemberg – the strongest association in the country – took on the role as they see it as a way to promote the game, as well as give players the opportunity to represent their country internationally. Ultimately the aim of all concerned is to change the decision of the German RFU.”

Wo kann ich in Deutschland Frauenrugby spielen? Looking for a womens rugby team in Germany?

Oktober 12, 2012

(English summary below)

Vermutlich gibt es weit mehr Frauen und Maedchen, die sich in Deutschland fuer Rugby interessieren, als schliesslich in den Vereinen ankommen. Sie finden keine sinnvollen Informationen, der naechstgelegene Club hat kein Frauen/Maedchen-Team und so fort.

Eine erster Anhaltspunkt fuer die Teamsuche ist diese Liste:

Wer sich nicht scheut, als einzige Frau/Maedchen mit Maennern/Jungs zu trainieren, kann auch mit etwas Hartnaeckigkeit bei einem “reinen” Maennerclub aufschlagen:


Leider sind die weissen Flecken noch sehr zahlreich, bzw teilweise die Anfahrtswege zum naechsten Club zu weit, grade fuer Maedchen/Schuelerinnen, die noch keinen Fuehrerschein haben, bzw keinen Zugriff auf ein Fahrzeug.

Eine andere Moeglichkeit waere, in der Schule (oder auch an der Uni -> Hochschulsport) eine Rugby-AG bzw Rugby-Kurs anzuregen. Der jeweilige Landesverband ([pageid]=38&data[subpage]=) kann da sicher hilfreich zur Seite stehen.

Und nicht zuletzt stehen auch die Mitarbeiter der Deutschen Rugby Frauen gerne helfend zur Seite, wenn es darum geht, eine Moeglichkeit zum Rugby spielen zu finden. Gerne per Mail: pressedrf[at]


If you are a woman or girl looking for an opportunity to play rugby in Germany, take a look at this map:

You can also just write an Email to: pressedrf[at] and we’ll help You to get in touch with the nearest club.

Deutschland (Südauswahl) vs Belgien

März 20, 2012

Bilder und Spielbericht

ENC 7s 2009 – Deutschland unter den Top10

Januar 26, 2009

In diesem Jahr finden in Hannover wieder die “Hannover 7s” statt, welche ja im letzten Jahr _das_ Top-Ereignis im deutschen Rugby darstellten.
Erfreulicherweise gelang es den Organisatoren, auch Europas Top-Frauenteams an die Leine zu locken.
Yours faithfully wird neben dem deutschen Team natürlich den Azzurri zujubeln, aber mein heimlicher Favorit und krasser Aussenseiter ist das moldavische Team.
Als, 11. und 12. Juli schon mal im Kalender anstreichen!

Die A- und B-Pools findet man bei der FIRA.
(32 7er Teams im europäischen “Feld” – nicht übel!)

Who’s going to host WRWC in 2010? Support Germanys bid and enjoy high quality womens rugby in the heart of Europe!

Juni 16, 2008

Germany to tender for Women’s Rugby Cup 2010

(IRB.COM) Friday 13 June 2008

The German Rugby Federation (DRV) today announced that it is submitting a bid to host the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2010.

The DRV has teamed up with SPORTFIVE the leading sports agency to create a unique joint operation. The DRV and SPORTFIVE hope to convince the International Rugby Board (IRB) that a brand new host nation would be good for the top women’s event in world rugby and also boost the sport in Germany itself.

Germany’s senior men’s team has just won promotion to the top division in European rugby outside of the Six Nations tournament. Now the push is on to convince the IRB that a World Cup should be played in one of rugby’s fastest growing markets.

At a press conference in Hamburg on Friday, June 13th, the DRV and SPORTFIVE outlined how the rugby federation and the marketing, sponsorship and production agency would divide the different responsibilities that would face the hosts for the 12-team tournament scheduled for August and September 2010.

The joint venture is currently investigating three potential cities, Hamburg, Hannover and Heidelberg, as potential bases in which to stage a tournament that will comprise four pools, each of three nations. Eventually the German bid will probably focus on two centres.

The IRB has also received interest in staging the 2010 event from England, South Africa and Kazakhstan. Germany will present their bid document at the start of next month and the final decision on which country will host the event is expected in early September.

The President of the DRV, Claus-Peter Bach said: ” Rugby in Germany is an up and coming sport and following the success of our men’s team in winning Division Two last season we feel that this bid to host a global event would be a second big boost for the game in this country. Together with SPORTFIVE we are confident we could make a success of this exciting venture.”

Kirstin Wagner, a member of the German women’s team said: “For Germany to play against the likes of New Zealand and England here in our home country would be a fantastic experience for the women’s team and it would also be great for the German public to see in close up the strength of women’s rugby. As a team we would give everything to put on a good display against the elite.”

Richard Worth, Chief Executive Officer of SPORTFIVE, said: “All round the world SPORTFIVE specializes in helping sports federations and clubs to realize their dreams through our expertise in marketing, sponsorship, production and rights distribution. We are delighted to be partnering the DRV in this project which would open new frontiers for all concerned if Germany is given the chance to stage this event. WRWC 2006 in Canada reached record levels of global coverage of women’s rugby and we hope to further promote this exciting sport.”

John Birch was the first fellow blogger to cover this topic.


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